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Laura Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Laura - Essay Example Quick moving things are being recorded in the store managers’ hand-held PC so as to hand-off the message to the administrative center and its focal plan group. With regards to creation, Laura decided to print generally 40% of its own texture and produces 80% of its completed items. This creation system permits Laura to be progressively adaptable in reacting to the unexpected changes in design pattern. Having an effective coordinations and Laura’s responsibility to create extraordinary and in vogue garments favored by its objective buyers all through UK and Europe inside a limited capacity to focus 15 days makes the organization ready to stay aware of the quick changing style patterns. By ceaselessly growing its market dissemination by means of expanding the quantity of its store outlets, phone/mail request activity, and contributing on online index and requesting framework including its act of changing the store dress plans at regular intervals makes the yearly deals increment over the The quality of Laura’s creation framework incorporates its capacity to decide the pattern of in-style apparel and its prompt reaction to the customers’ needs and needs by putting on a minimal effort in-house article of clothing creation that is capable in printing its own textures, cutting, and sewing of pieces of clothing in the nick of time for conveyance. The advantage of such creation methodology is that it permits Laura to promptly react to the customers’ continually changing favored design style inside a limited ability to focus 15 days. The issue with this sort of creation procedure is the way that its rivals are setting aside more cash from redistributing the creation of articles of clothing in underdeveloped nations by mass. In accordance with a much lower cost of creation, Laura’s contenders can sell their product offering at a much lower cost. Thus, Laura can't enter the lower end of the business sectors that are

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Let Him Have It Essays

Let Him Have It Essays Let Him Have It Essay Let Him Have It Essay In the movie adaptation of the instance of Craig and Bently-Let Him Have it the executive has decided to be inclination and utilizations it in various manners. Predisposition is the point at which you just have an uneven perspective on something. The movie can show that the executive is one-sided. The things that show this are you get substantially more foundation data on Derek Bently and his family. Quickly this favors Derek Bently as the crowd watching feel nearer and more witness on his experience, so along these lines they find out about him and need him to win this case. The chief has picked go give data and circumstances of Dereks epilepsy. The primary scene of the film is of the rush in the war and Derek under the rouble. This is the thing that the specialists thought caused the epilepsy. The executive likewise decides to show Derek in a circumstance where he begins to have an epileptic fit, when his folks have chosen to release him out all alone. Both these thoughts that the chief has chosen can cause the crowd to feel sorry for Derek seeing as in the film the specialists state that on account of his condition he is accepted to have the psyche of a 11-year-old. Then again Christopher Craig has not been focussed on as much as Bentley. The main foundation data given about Craig is that he is an awful impact and can be a hoodlum, as he has grown up with a more established sibling. The chief decides to show the crowd the scene where Craigs sibling Neven is captured. This can show that Craigs family isn't adoring and can be somewhat harsh. These foundation realities are of a negative sort. Other than Craigs sibling, we don't get some other data about his family. Derek Bentleys family; Iris, howdy cover and his dad, assume an extremely enormous job in the entire story, and the crowd is demonstrated that Derek has a warm and adoring home life and is given the consideration he needs with his condition. The crowd can see that before Derek Bently came into contact with Christopher Craig he was a lovely kid. He was affected and could have perhaps felt forced to act criminal like around him, so he proceeded with the trick of the butchers stockroom. This anyway all turns out badly and a cop is incidentally killed! One scene that shows predisposition in the film is the preliminary scene. This indicated predisposition as all through the scene it appeared as if Derek Bentley was accepting an uncalled for preliminary. The chief utilized numerous things to show predisposition towards Bentley in this scene he utilizes language, music, shading, camera shots and the setting and view. These aggregately show an extremely uneven perspective on the homicide and the preliminary. In the preliminary scene Medek utilizes characterisation to show predisposition. Chris Craig is introduced to be a mocking, liable kid. He is described as the scalawag. At the point when he was given his sentence in the wake of being given his sentence there is a fix of him grinning. This indicated Craig as not in any event, caring that he has been demonstrated liable for homicide. Likewise he is wry when the appointed authority inquired as to whether he took his firearms to class, Craig answered Well not all simultaneously. This shows an absence of regard for he judge and Craig is again seen as the miscreant. Anyway Bentley is demonstrated to be apprehensive and frightened about what could occur. We are informed that Bentley is unskilled and not exceptionally insightful this likewise caused the crowd to identify as it was the reason he was acting in the manner he was. He didnt appear to comprehend what to do or say, his head was generally down and furnished exceptionally short snapp y responses to the examiner. Another character was the appointed authority he depicted inclination, as he appeared to definitely realize who was liable before condemning. When offering an end expression he stressed the reality the Bentley had a knuckle-duster he said it was an, unpleasant weapon. This demonstrates inclination as the appointed authority should be an unprejudiced individual who takes a gander at the proof and should influence the jury in any capacity. This gives the feeling that Bentley was not given a reasonable preliminary. In the preliminary scene a mix of numerous things that energize inclination. The first of these is music. Music is just utilized for a couple of moments; this is while Bentley is being brought down to his cell. This was grave music played by violins that cause you to feel exceptionally upset for Bentley. Additionally shading is utilized to extraordinary impact. For instance Bentley is wearing a light blue suit while most others are wearing dim suits. This shows Bentley to look extremely blameless likewise on the grounds that doubtlessly he doesn't have the foggiest idea what to wear in this kind of circumstance as it is all new to him. Though Craig appears to be truly agreeable and sure as though he knows precisely what will occur, as though it were standard for him. Likewise camera shots are utilized viably. One powerful utilization of the camera was the point at which you could see the court from Bentleys eyes. At the point when he took a gander at the jury he proceeded onward rapi dly anyway when he saw at his family he moved across gradually as he was searching for help and backing. Additionally it shows that Bentley has a caring family, and then again Craig has no family present that we can see. The main entirely we are acquainted with in the film is his more established sibling who was captured and brought to jail. This would make you believe that if Bentley had such a mindful family for what reason would he need to assist with executing somebody. Additionally the camera shot of Bentley in the long run draws nearer and closer to him. Here you can see that he is trembling and is unimaginably disturbed, this would make individuals exceptionally thoughtful. Craig was just appeared to being snide and inconsiderate. This has indicated that Peter Medek was exceptionally fruitful at accomplishing compassion from the crowd for Derek Bentley and his family through inclination. The general emotional effect of the chiefs impacts is probably going to cause watchers to accept that Bentley was given an uncalled for preliminary and was honest. Just as this they are probably going to accept that Craig was an exceptionally manipulative individual who convinced Bentley to go with him. Likewise Craig was demonstrated to be a presumptuous individual who thinks just about himself.

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Border Security and Terrorism Essay

The main way that any nation can adequately forestall fear based oppressor assaults is by improving the neighborhood security on a household scale. As indicated by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, â€Å"the insurance of fringes and ports of section are indispensable to the achievement of this crusade (Campbell and Flourney 372)†. The issue here, in any case, is that by forcing stricter movement laws and augmenting fringe security, the rich American inheritance of legitimate migration gets undermined. As an ever increasing number of individuals and government officials the same refer to the squeezing need to improve fringe security, that rich heritage rings a bell. As indicated by Dave Camp, previous Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Borders and Infrastructure, â€Å"while there is a need to ensure the outskirts and ports of section, any new approaches in regards to this issue don't need to mediate with the affirmed American history of legitimate movement (1)†. What the approaches do recommend is that if there are the individuals who disregard the movement and outskirt laws, they will be managed carefully (Campbell and Flourney 377). Plans, for example, a REAL ID act or the expulsion of certain haven laws that have escape clauses are absolutely designs that merit a genuine thought. The section of the aggressors of 9/11 was extraordinarily encouraged by the remiss movement measures and other lawful provisos. These permitted the psychological oppressors to make sure about driver’s licenses and different grants that permitted them to move around the nation openly and make the arrangements that they expected to do (Campbell and Flourney 377). On the off chance that the outskirt safety efforts were not as remiss those days, it may have even prompted the counteraction of 9/11. Campbell and Flourney, in their examination on measures against psychological warfare have refered to that, â€Å"A huge advance in controling the chance of fear monger assaults lies in improving outskirt security† (372). Numerous pundits have consistently refered to that the initial phase in winning the war against fear is by first forestalling the occurrence of any future assaults. In that capacity, aircraft security related to fringe security must be improved. The American-Mexican Border stays to be the biggest worry since it stays as the biggest security powerlessness of the United States. The permeable household fringe could give a lot more noteworthy issues than that of unlawful migration. It could prompt the passage of psychological militant gatherings into the United States for a gigantic scope, prompting the expansion of countless fear mongers in the United States and potentially the foundation of a system that would make them very hard to capture (Campbell and Flourney 372). Current Success of Border Security As prior referenced, the job of fringe security in the battle against dread is vital. The present government revamping program that has been proposed places the Department of Homeland Security, the Customs and Border Protection Program and the Immigration-Customs Enforcement organizations under a solitary working body (Carafano 1). This move alone implies that America is not kidding in checking these psychological militant assaults and that improving outskirt security is a central point. The following figure shows the assaults that have been forestalled. Since the 9/11 assaults, more than 19 fear monger assaults have been upset. Quite a bit of this achievement has been credited to the Border Security quantifies that have been set up from that point forward. Practically these assaults have been captured through the cautious checking of the exercises that have happened at the fringe. The section of fear mongers as well as psychological militant weapons is a significant worry for the Department of Homeland Security and the Customs and Border Protection Program. The permeable and defenseless American-Mexican Border remains the key component in taking the war against fear to the following level. Without the present outskirt security circumstance at the level that it is in at the present, the majority of those 19 endeavors couldn't have been forestalled (Taylor 3). As per most specialists who are contemplating this issue, â€Å"the key stays to be in keeping the inflow of individuals and products into the United States under examination (Campbell and Flourney 372). † While there has been a lot of accomplishment in this, there still remains the inquiry on what further enhancements can be made against such a wicked and crafty enemy. Eventual fate of Border Security It has obviously been set up now that so as to be compelling in the war on fear fringe security should be improved. The legislature must take a firm remain on the strategies that will be executed in the region of outskirt security. While such arrangements may compromise certain statutes that America is referred to for, for example, the inheritance of lawful migration, it must be recalled that penances are here and there important to secure the more prominent interests of the American open (Taylor 12). On the off chance that it implies that lawful movement might be throttled to a limited degree so as to guarantee the security of the American open, it is sure that there are in excess of a couple of Americans who might remain by that choice. For what it's worth, increasingly subsidizing has gone into the improvement of fringe security especially as to carrier guidelines and ports of passage just as along the American-Mexican outskirt. â€Å"Laws that have financed the expansion in the quantity of wall along the fringe have been drafted and stricter port of section rules have been established,† as indicated by considers done regarding this matter (Taylor 12). The following stage lies in guaranteeing that these measures push through and that they are executed successfully. It has been said that expanding the safety efforts that are as of now set up will send an inappropriate message to the psychological militants and rather sign to them that they have won and that America has surrendered (Taylor 12). Guaranteeing one’s security, in any case, ought to never be considered as an indication of weakness or thrashing. Rather, it ought to send the message that the United States and its kin won't surrender and won't yield to the fear monger strategies of these gatherings. Solid advances, for example, improving outskirt security are one of the numerous ways by which the United States government can show that they are not kidding and resolved to end the war on dread. End When it goes to the war on fear, each other individual is by all accounts of the conclusion that there is one arrangement that is superior to the following one. Everybody assumes that there is one certain fire method of managing the circumstance. In all honesty, it would be great if that were actually the situation since it would have implied that the war on dread would as of now be finished. The miserable the truth is that fear mongering still keeps on being a developing risk against all human advancements on the planet today. While speculations proliferate, examples of overcoming adversity against the war on dread are far and few. It is not necessarily the case that strategies to help improve outskirt security are an exercise in futility yet it rather serves to underscore a significant point. The war on fear can't be tackled by simply actualizing one approach or one program. The reaction to issue will never be as speedy or as earth shaking as the occasion that strengthened the issue. Endeavors to improve outskirt security are only one of the numerous things that should be done to battle the fear based oppressors. In any case, it despite everything is one of the more urgent strides to stop fear based oppression. References: Campbell, Kurt and Flourney, Michelle (2001). To Prevail: An American Strategy for the Campaign Against Terrorism. Washington, DC: Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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Critical Thinking (or Lack Thereof) The Nature of Thinking for Oneself in Voltaires Candide - Literature Essay Samples

Candide journeys through life with a childish naivete and shies away from making his own philosophical proclamations, often allowing others to do his thinking for him and serve as his surrogate brain. Instead of stepping back and truly pondering the world for himself, Candide is quick to accept Pangloss’ preposterous teachings and has great difficulty letting it go. Even when Candide is confronted with opportunities to rethink Pangloss’ doctrines, he still relies on others’ belief systems. While his attitude is pathetic, it is neither innocuous nor rare—far too often, people drift thoughtlessly through the world, attaching themselves to ideologies and ways of life without examining their reasons for doing so. What does it mean to think critically about the world and oneself, and why is Candide’s lack of analytical skill so dangerous? How is a lack of critical thinking manifested throughout the story and what might be the real-world implications? Nearly every sentence Candide utters is prefaced with a reference to Pangloss and shaped around his tutor’s empty rhetoric, revealing Candide’s difficulty in letting go of his main lens of perceiving the world. Even when he begins to question Pangloss’ ideas that the world is in perfect order and all is well, he keeps wondering what Pangloss would say about the misfortunes he encounters instead of relying on his own reactions to determine how he views what is happening around him. He spends far more time bemoaning his separation from Pangloss than actually asking himself why he trusted the man so much in the first place. Voltaire writes, â€Å"He thought of Pangloss with each story (of misfortune) he heard. ‘That Pangloss’ he said to himself, ‘would have a hard time defending his system. I wish he was here,† impotently unable to interrogate Pangloss’ system of thought himself and rely on his own intellect to show him the way. (71) Interestingly enough, Pangloss’ fatal error is that he glosses over all the hardships of life, making nonsensical assumptions and ignoring reality, but it takes Candide the entire book to see the obvious, that Pangloss was devastatingly wrong in his idealistic assessments, no matter how appealing his vision of a ubiquitously happy world may be. After everything goes wrong in his life, Pangloss is resolute â€Å"I still hold my original opinions because I am a philosopher, and it wouldn’t be proper for me to recant, since Leibniz can’t be wrong,† revealing that Pangloss himself is no better than Candide, a mere mouthpiece for another man’s ideas, parroting his words without contemplating their absurdity. (Voltaire 108) Pangloss shows he is a hypocrite when he admits that he kept advocating a hyper-optimistic way of thinking even when he stopped believing in it himself. Having hope amidst heartbreak is much different than behaving like a starry-eyed child and staunchly viewing a complicated world through rose-colored lenses, but he and Candide are often content to live in a fantasy even when the uglier side of life is relentlessly thrust upon them. At one point, Voltaire writes, â€Å"Candide admitted the old woman was right. ‘It’s a great pity that the wise Pangloss was hanged, contrary to custom, in an auto-da-fà ©: he would have told us admirable things about the physical and moral evils that cover the earth and the sea, and I would have felt strong enough to venture a few respectful objections† (46) Thus, even’s Candide’s â€Å"objections† are just a formality to the sport of philosophizing; in reality, he wishes Pangloss were alive to hold him by the hand and tell him exactly what to do. â€Å"We’re surely going to be roasted or boiled. Ah, what would Dr. Pangloss say if he saw what human nature is like? All is well, I won’t argue about it; but I must admit it’s a cruel fate to have lost Lady Cunegonde and then be roasted on a spit† (Voltaire 56) The reader almost wants to shake Candide into his senses and urge him, â€Å"Yes! Argue about it! Explore th e nuances of this philosophy you so eagerly accept as dogma,† but alas it is useless. Candide searches in vain for explanations but gives up wondering, abruptly dropping doubts and inquiries before he has a chance to actually make some intellectual headway. After Candide embarks on his whirlwind of travels, he doesn’t pry below the surface of El Dorado or question whether this place is a fantasy, further evidence of his simplistic thinking. Although he exercises some force of will in deciding to leave El Dorado, it is doubtful that he thinks through his decision, always guided mainly by the siren call of Cunegonde, as well as the promise of wealth. He loses impetus for exploration just the way he loses interest in investigating other points of view, â€Å"I have no curiosity to see France†¦after spending a month in Eldorado, a man has no interest in seeing anything else on earth, except Lady Cunegonde.† (Voltaire 75) Candide muses that Eldorado is â€Å"probably the country where everything goes well, because there must be one like that somewhere. And, despite what Dr. Pangloss used to say, I often noticed that everything went rather badly in Westphalia† (a massive understatement). (Voltaire 61) Is Candide†™s knee jerk reaction to El Dorado really wise? He stays there a short while, has some delicious meals, speaks briefly with the king, and believes the atmosphere is as peaceful and prosperous as it seems on the surface, then goes on his merry way, yet another example of Candide taking things at face value. Without raising an eyebrow, he unquestioningly accepts their secretive reasoning, â€Å"they ordered that no inhabitant of our little kingdom should ever leave it, and that’s what’s preserved our innocence and happiness,† a Platonic metaphor for Candides childish inability to think outside the box Pangloss has trapped him in. (Voltaire 62) Candide has a tendency to senselessly go along with others’ direction, proving himself too trusting as he throws caution and consideration of self-preservation to the wind. The strangers who lure him into joining the Bulgarian army say, â€Å"Men were made only to help each other,† a simplistic, idealistic platitude that has been proven false over and over throughout history, yet Candide refuses to question their motives, blindly stepping into their dangerous trap because, quite frankly, their words sound much like something his mental master Pangloss might utter, having maintained everything is created for a beneficial purpose (Voltaire 17) Pangloss even once told him â€Å"the more individual misfortunes there are, the more all is well,† and Candide dutifully listened. (Voltaire 25) Candide asks many questions, but sometimes a simple, â€Å"Why?† would suffice. Being a philosopher and using critical thinking does not necessarily entail elaborate thought processes and brilliant metaphors; no, one must have the bravery to face childish questions head on. Candide’s foolishness is somewhat forgivable considering his upbringing and the desperation of his situation, but the fact that he does not even think twice about the Bulgars’ offers of generosity shows the extent of Candide’s reckless lack of thought, his willingness to take everything at face value, and his eagerness to blindly follow whoever gives him orders, which ends up causing him great bodily torment and puts him in grave peril. Although it might seem like Candide is taking a small step towards thinking for himself in befriending Martin, considering Martin has a radically different ideas about the world, the consummate pessimist contrasted to the unflinching optimist in Pangloss, but it becomes clear that Martin is just another intellectual fixture for Candide to latch unto in a futile effort to make sense of a chaotic world and find someone else to do mo st of the thinking for him. The king pardons Candide of his Bulgarian crimes because â€Å"Candide was a young metaphysician, utterly ignorant of worldly matters,† but why should a philosopher be distanced from the realities of the human existence? (Voltaire 20) Shouldn’t this be an integral part of critically examining life? Deeply studying all aspects of the human condition and pondering big questions of existence should not mean that a thinker is set apart from society and becomes so un-knowledgeable of the ways of world that he no longer knows what is going on. Solitary hermits may indeed gain wisdom from wandering in the desert, but there is a value in understanding the ways of the world in order to help it become a better place. Perhaps this is Pangloss’ (and by extension Candide’s) main problem—his mind is so far removed from reality that even when confronted with chaos and senseless violence, he clings steadfastly to his sugarcoated ideology without stopping to confron t the glaring holes in his own logic. Thinking critically and being a philosopher does not imply that one operates in a whole other sphere and has no place in the world; in fact, greater involvement means a higher understanding of philosophy. It is not helpful for a scholar to confine oneself to an ivory tower and let his head drift up into the clouds—Pangloss may not be a very good philosopher himself, but philosophizing has a real impact on world affairs, influencing generations of thought and molding societal attitudes. Candide’s inability to make up his own mind is reflected in the frenzied, meandering plot structure of the novel. Candide drifts from place to place, wandering and tether-less. Candide rarely travels alone; he must have someone to lean upon or he becomes desperate. There’s nothing wrong with seeking community and looking to others to impart knowledge or wisdom, but Candide is arguably so dependent on other people that he cannot function without someone guiding him. His behavior is reminiscent of anyone who mindlessly attaches themselves to a creed without stopping to contemplate the implications. At first Candide seems harmless, even endearing, in his unwavering certainty in Pangloss’ ludicrous claims and his childish fickleness once he finally begins to realize Pangloss might be wrong after being hit over the head by the misery rife in life. Acting like a little lost puppy has real world consequences; amassing brainwashed followers are how tyrants take power, en couraging co-dependence is how women are sometimes subjected to unhealthy relationships, cultivating ignorance is how cults gain followers, and perpetuating close-mindedness is how systems of injustice go unchecked. One can maintain that the heart and mind are intertwined, and Candide exchanges lovers with as little thought as he adopts philosophical ideologies. He has no apparent desire to penetrate deep into Cunegonde’s heart, mind, and soul, but is mesmerized instead by her beautiful face. It almost operates as a metaphor for the way Candide takes so much at face value and struggles to penetrate through exteriors. At first, he literally only subscribes to Pangloss’ teachings because he wants to impress her, â€Å"Candide listened attentively and believed innocently, for he found Lady Cunegonde extremely beautiful, although he was never bold enough to tell her so.† (Voltaire 16) When they are parted, he laments at one point how he’d, â€Å"never see the fair Cunegonde again in my life†. (Voltaire 54) We know next to nothing about the content of her character, her aspirations, her flaws, her virtues, and neither, it seems, does Candide, who realizes he has nev er even received a letter from her or given thought to her intelligence. Or else he simply does not care, for essentially all he talks about is her beauty. When he is about to see her after a long separation, his burning questions are, â€Å"Is she still a prodigy of beauty? Does she still love me? Is she in good health? Did you buy her a palace?† (Voltaire 101) Candide tells Cunegonde’s brother, â€Å"Dr. Pangloss always told me that all men are equal, and I will certainly marry her,† suggesting that even his fierce unwillingness to give up Cunegonde is motivated by adherence to Pangloss, not a self-motivated act, the fruit of deep love and reflection. (Voltaire 53) He obsessively can’t let go of his idealized vision of Cunegonde; when she absurdly reappears after â€Å"being killed,† Candide barely questions it but â€Å"hung on her every word and devoured her with his eyes.† (Voltaire 31) He is even naively excited to see her scars. His â€Å"inexpressible joy of seeing (and talking to) you again† might be endearing if it wasn’t so focused on the senses. (Voltaire 33) Candide barely sees Cunegonde as a real person, as she operates more as an image in his head, using her an ambiguous goal or prize to strive after when he can find no other reason to keep living. She has an appealing visage, and Candide acts like a child attracted to a sparkly toy instead of determining if they are truly compatible or if she has an appealing inner being to match her outer look. It doesn’t take much for Candide to stray and replace one superficial fixation with another because his interest is built on something vapid and f leeting—the face. He muses, upon seeing a beautiful but untalented actress, â€Å"The actress is very attractive. She bears a slight resemblance to Lady Cunegonde. I’d like to pay my respects to her.† (Voltaire 78) Candide’s romantic fickleness is indicative of his deeper struggle with having a one-dimensional idea of the world, refusing to delve into the mechanics of Pangloss’ philosophy, taking its authenticity for granted. When Candide’s new object of romantic interest tells him he should have replied that he no longer loves Cunegonde, Candide meekly acquiesces, â€Å"I’m sorry, madam. I’ll answer you any way you like,† yet more proof that Candide has severe issues with thinking for himself. (Voltaire 83) Because she looks like Lady Cunegonde, Candide is enamored with this new woman, even though they are, most likely, two very different people. â€Å"Although I’m very eager to see Lady Cunegonde again, Iâ€⠄¢d still like to have supper with Mademoiselle Clairon, because she made a deep impression on me.† (Voltaire 79) Just like he’s dedicated to Pangloss’ teachings without actually examining their flaws below the surface, he is arguably in love with Cunegonde’s appearance, not her, easily replacing her with little remorse, although he faithfully returns to Cunegonde the way his mind keeps reverting to Pangloss in moments of crisis. When he finds out that her appearance has deteriorated, he claims, â€Å"whether she’s beautiful or ugly, I’m an honorable man and my duty is to love her forever.† (Voltaire 102) But his attitude is so reluctant as to suggest his words belie the truth. He muses â€Å"it’s a pity she’s become so ugly,† without considering the pain and torment she has endured, how she might feel about being violated and changing hands over and over again, focusing instead, as usual, on the outward and not peering past the surface into her mind or heart. (Voltaire 192) Candide’s deteriorated optimism is represented by Cunegonde, â€Å"When Candide, the tender lover, saw his fair Cunegonde’s fair, weather-beaten face, blood shot eyes, withered breasts, wrinkled cheeks and red, scaly arms, he recoiled three paces in horror, but then he stepped forward out of politeness†¦At the bottom of his heart, Candide had no desire to marry Cunegonde† (Voltaire 109) Candide is not deterred by his own doubts, failing to recognize that no desire for marriage will probably lead to an unhappy one, but agrees to marry her because he thinks it’s what he should do, what an honorable man in society would do. This is not an uncommon occurrence: marrying someone or pursuing a certain career path merely because it looks like the right thing to do to outsider, and it is certainly not out of character for Candide, whose innocent naivetà © and eagerness to please prove to be more like vices then virtues. Regardless, through the symbol of Cunegonde’s facial deterioration, he is finally seeing the reality of life, the ugliness of the world and is forced to make peace with it, whether he likes it or not. The few times Candide doesn’t consult anyone’s opinion and relies solely on his own judgment, he ends up murdering someone or daftly getting himself into trouble. He is regretful and shocked by his own impulsiveness, his refusal to stop and think before acting, astonished at his own lack of capacity to control himself or the world around him, â€Å"I’ve killed my former master, my friend, my brother-in-law! I’m the kindest man in the world, yet I’ve already killed three men, and two of them were priests!† (Voltaire 53) Not to assert that Candide had no justification, but can Candide even distinguish right from wrong? He tells Cunegonde, â€Å"when a man is in love, jealous, and whipped by the Inquisition, he no longer knows what he’s doing,† but Candide, floating through life, rarely seems to know what he’s doing, or, more importantly, why. (Voltaire 36) Unsure of how to rectify his post-killing condition, Candide laments , â€Å"If Pangloss hadn’t been hanged, he’d give us good advice in this extremity, because he was a great philosopher. Lacking him, let’s consult the old woman.† (Voltaire 34) His spur of the moment idea to kill the monkeys is also done thoughtlessly and recklessly, albeit good-willed, for he does not even stop to consider why these monkeys are strangely consorting with women in the first place and deliberate from there. At the end of the book, when he again sees a resurrected Pangloss, he finally takes some initiative and queries, â€Å"Tell me, my dear Pangloss, when you were hanged, dissected, cruelly beaten, and forced to row in a galley, did you still think that everything was for the best in the world?† (Voltaire 106) At this stage of Candide’s journey, this question is apt but almost seems futile, the kind of question he should be posing to himself. Pangloss the person keeps haunting him much the same way Pangloss’ theories ho ld a nagging thrall over him, creeping back into Candide’s psyche just when the reader hopes we are finally rid of him so the narrative can progress with Candide the critical thinker at the helm, as opposed to Candide, the unwavering proxy/pupil of Pangloss. Candide’s desire to learn about the world and debate philosophy at all is promising, more than can be said for some individuals but though he is endlessly searching for the origin and purpose of the world, he lacks discernment capability. At least Candide cares, which is why there are glimmers of hope that he can develop critical thinking skills. Candide is clearly capable of making his own decisions and determinations about the world, but usually when he is forced into it. Towards the beginning of the narrative, stuck between a rock and a hard place, he contemplates, â€Å"it did him no good to maintain that man’s will is free and that he wanted neither: he had to make a choice. Using the gift of God known as freedom, he decided to run the gauntlet thirty-six times, and did so twice.† (Voltaire 19) Perhaps he could have found a more inventive way to avoid suffering, but at least he made up his mind on his own for once. When he is in an initial state of confusion he complains to himself, â€Å"If this is the best of all possible worlds, what are the others like? I wouldn’t complain if I had just been flogged: the Bulgars flogged me too. But my dear Pangloss, the greatest of philosophers—did I have to see you hanged, without knowing why? And my dear Anabaptist, the kindest of men—did you have to be drowned in the harbor? And Lady Cunegonde, the pearl of young ladies—did your belly have to be split open?† (Voltaire 29) Candide is asking all the right questions, at least, even though he still refers to Pangloss as greatest of philosophers, hero worship that continues throughout most of the book, no matter how much he grows to realize Pangloss’ errors. When Candide meets a different â€Å"wise man,† â€Å"Candide listened attentively to these remarks and conceived a high opinion of the speaker (who he had just encountered)†¦(thinking) what a great man. Another Pangloss!† (Voltaire 82) Part of Candide’s problem is his propensity to rationalize that something is correct despite all the evidence to the contrary. He contends, â€Å"pure nature is good, after all, since, instead of eating me, these people showered me with polite kindness as soon as they found out I wasn’t a Jesuit† (Voltaire 57) Aside from the fact that his reasoning is absurd and that Candide’s naivete is indubitably exaggerated for comedic effect, this sort of behavior is highly problematic. The act of looking for any way to justify one’s preconceived notions, much like proof texting, and shoehorning one’s belief system into every event that occurs, even when there is no basis, has been a common move among politicians and other corrupt leaders for centuries. Proudly refusing to abandon beliefs that fly in the face of reality and clinging to optimistic visions, letting one’s head be subsumed into the clouds, is an all too-pervasive phenomenon that preve nts real social progress. When the â€Å"negro† talks about his plight, â€Å"’Oh Pangloss!’ cried Candide. ‘This is an abomination you never dreamed of! It’s too much: I’ll have to give up your optimism at last†¦it’s a mania for insisting that everything is all right when everything is going wrong.’† (Voltaire 68-9) However, he continues to revert to Pangloss’ ideas in times of crisis, showing that even when he recognizes the futility of the ideology, he cannot break free, â€Å"despair(ing) at having to be separated from a good master.† (Voltaire 69) He still exercises the unflinching optimism hammered into his skull by Pangloss, even when he claims to be skeptical of his philosophy. He tells his friend, â€Å"Since I found you, I’m sure I can find Cunegonde again.† (Voltaire 74) If nothing else, Candide is admirably loyal, to a fault, but also tremendously shortsighted. Even when he lea ns on Martin and remains skeptical of his skepticism, he still uses him as a kind of crutch to express his newfound dissatisfaction for the world without overtly transgressing Pangloss’ ideas himself. One could posit, however, that Candide grows over the course of the story, as he never wholly buys into Martin’s pessimism although he keeps an open mind, â€Å"what do you think about all that? What are your views on moral and physical evil?† and begins to temper both extremes, insisting there is still â€Å"some good in the world.† (Voltaire 72-3) It would be even more promising if Candide began to grapple with bigger questions, such as the existence of God, whether suffering might have some purpose, what exactly does it mean to be good and happy, etc. Pococurante, to Candide’s shock, declares, â€Å"Fools admire everything in a celebrated author. I read only for myself and I like only what suits me personally.† (Voltaire 95) This kind of independent thinking proves utterly foreign to Candide: â€Å"Candide, who never had been brought up to judge anything for himself, was astonished by what he was hearing.† (Voltaire 95) Like many people, Candide was expected to follow his teacher’s precepts without questioning them and blindly obey. This issue extends beyond letting other people guide one’s literary choices. Following the pack, relying on trends and fashions, letting the whims of others dictate one’s interests or behavior is not only harmful to oneself, but to society. The concept of â€Å"sheeple,† after all, is a derogatory term. Without the submissiveness of the German people, the Nazis would never have been able to take power, for instance. Groupthink is a real phenomenon: it ta kes guts to stand out from the crowd and resist peer pressure, but the rewards are well worth it. How much of what we do is influenced mainly by what people around us might think, what our parents have taught us, and fear of ostracization as opposed to our own force of will? Having a core, living according to inner guiding principles, is necessary to becoming a whole person. There’s nothing wrong with dialoguing with others—in fact, it may be the only way to refine one’s beliefs and reevaluate flawed logic, but one must be able to independently reflect on why one’s values are held. When Candide hears Pococurante, he asserts â€Å"Oh, what a superior man! What a great genius this Pococurante! Nothing can please him,† but most of the people he encounters are great men to Candide because he has lost all sense of judgment. (Voltaire 97) In perhaps the most optimistic part of the whole book, Candide determines, â€Å"We must cultivate our garden.† (113) I maintain this is not only a practical affirmation of the value of work and stability, but offers us the hope that Candide will begin to look inward and allow critical thinking to flourish in the garden of his mind. Perhaps Voltaire is asking all of us to center ourselves and start nurturing an inner garden, beautiful, ordered, and reasonable, in order to avoid Candide’s pitfalls and grow as productive members of society. Candide’s lack of reason leads to destruction, and only by the focus and contemplation of digging deep into such gardening can he restore a sense of peace. Works Cited Voltaire. Candide. Trans. Lowell Bair. New York: Bantam Classics, 1959. Print.

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ADHD History and Background of Disease - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 960 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/10/30 Category Medicine Essay Level High school Tags: ADHD essay Did you like this example? ADHD is a disorder of Neurodevelopmental diagnosed mostly in children at the average age of seven. Boys are in more risk to have ADHD than girls are, it is twice riskier for guys to be diagnosed with it. Therefore, adults can be diagnosed and they can also show the same symptoms as well. ADHD wasnt recognized as a mental disorder until the American Psychiatric Association (APA) recognized it in the late 1960s. It was called hyperkinetic impulse disorder before giving it the official name ADHD. ADHD can affect many individuals at work, school, relationships within people, and all parts of their lives basically. Some children are not able to control their behavior; however, kids are still known as being intelligent. Hippocrates, which he is (The Father of Medicine) was one of the fist ones to find ADHD when he would observe his patients, and he noticed their inability to stay focused since they tend to move quickly to their next impression. They are also incapable of staying on one subject, sitting still, paying attention, but they are still able to do what they are told. People with ADHD can cause problems in two settings for example, school and at home which can also result in poor school performance. They can have a good attention spam only for things they might find interesting. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "ADHD: History and Background of Disease" essay for you Create order Many people think that ADHD can be cause by poor parenting, falls or head injuries, many digital distractions like the television or video games, the lack of exercise (physical activity), food allergies, excess of sugar, or food additives, but researchers found that was not true. Also, researchers thought ADHD was related to minor head injuries but it was later found to be wrong as well. Therefore many individuals thought that is was caused because of sugar and food activities can cause ADHD symptoms. Even though, sugar isnt healthy for individuals there has not been any scientifically proven that sugar or food activities cause ADHD. This is called by chemical, structural, and differences in the brain. Also, the genetic part of your family. Research show that the individuals with ADHD have abnormalities in how the dopamine, neurotransmitters, and the norepinephrine work in order to communicate with the neurons and activation of the brain functions. Disruptions in activity and also in serotonin levels can play a role in affecting the regulation of the dopamine system. Genes in families play a role since various genes link to ADHD which they are hereditable. There has been a great deal of evidence that ADHD runs in the families because of the genetic factors. Cause of Disease Some things play a role but no one knows the causes of ADHD. It can run in the families making it more of a chance for you to get it. Parents can have a child with the ADHD since the disorder can be passed down it is usually one third to one half . There is a 30 percent chance that a child will have ADHD if a sibling has it; however, a 50 percent chance if parent has it. If the mother has a hard time during pregnancy, they have a higher risk of ADHD. Also, for the babies that are born premature, or a low birth weight. Also, for the woman that smoke or drink while pregnancy have a high risk of having the disorder. That is to say that some things that go on in the brain is that neurotransmitters dont work the same with children or adults that have ADHD. Also, there is differences in the way the nerve pathways work. The Dopamine chemical in the brain can also play an important role since it carries signals between nerves in the brain and it also to movement, sleep, attention, emotions, as well as learning. In the brain certain parts may be smaller in the children with ADHD compared to the ones that dont have the disorder. In adults (adult attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder ADHD) is also a health disorder that is also persistence problems, it is hard to pay attention, they also have hyperactivity and impulse behavior. Therefore, adult ADHD can lead to unstable affairs, may do poor in work or school activities, they can also have low self-esteem, and many other problems. Adults with ADHD have it since their infantile but they were just not diagnosed with the disorder and they might not know that they have that disorder. ADHD is only diagnosed if you have trouble in more than one or more subject, and if the indications are severe. ADHD can be hard to diagnose sometimes because of other conditions, like mood changes, or even anxiety. Some other causes can be the environmental meaning that some environmental factors for example, lead exposure as a child. Another cause can be problems during development, like problems with the central nervous system. Some risk factors that may increase ADHD can be because your blood relatives, like a parent or sibling has it, also if your mother smoked or drank during pregnancy. Also as a child you were exposed to toxins (like lead or is found mainly paint and pipes in buildings or if you were born prematurely. Other disorders occur along with ADHD and it can be more challenging to identify the treatment, it includes mood disorders, anxiety disorders, other psychiatric disorders, leaning disabilities. Adults with ADHD my have depression as well and a repeated pattern of failure and frustrations can worsen depression. Anxiety disorders can cause nervousness, worry too much about things, and it may get worse with challenges or setbacks. Adults with ADHD may have learning disabilities they may score lower in academic exams than thy should score compared to their age, and because of that it can include problems communicating with others or understanding them.

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A Case Of A High Profile Customer - 1115 Words

1.0 Introduction The report will be based on a case study of a high profile customer, Agatha, whose account was debited with $1,000,000 using an online service at Trustworthy Bank and Trust (TBT). In this case, TBT applies Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) in carrying out transactions. On receiving a message that her account, has been debited with $1,000,000 she contacted the bank manager, Jessica, on the account that the transaction was a forgery. However, the bank manager provided information authorizing her to transfer money to an offshore bank in the Cayman Islands. This was supported by encrypted message, â€Å"Thanks for your many years of fine service, Jessica. Please transfer $1,000,000 from my account to yours as a token of my esteem and appreciationÍ ¾ Signed Agatha.† The message was provided by Cayman on Jessica’s request. However, the client filed against TBT, bank manager (Jessica) and Cayman Island on account that the transaction was a forgery engineered by Jessica. On the other hand, TBT bank sued Agatha on account that all procedures were followed. As such, the report will seek to identify the ways that the bank would have prevented the controversy from occurring. Additionally, the report will highlight the responsibility of Cayman Island in determining whether the transaction was bogus or not. Moreover, the report will propose ways of improving 3DES security performance to eliminate controversy in future. Lastly, the report will contrast Advanced EncryptionShow MoreRelatedPurchasing1440 Words   |  6 PagesIf we are not careful to plan and design based on distributions as opposed to averages, the entire planning and design process will be flawed. That is why it is so important to go to the extra step to derive these profile distributions. As you start to look at the profiles of customer orders, purchase orders, item activity, inventory levels, and so on, the creative juices begin to flow for everyone on the project team. Everyone on the project team starts making good decisions and generating new ideasRead MoreHigh Value Cus tomer Profile, Using Data Mining Techniques1311 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Studying about customer segmentation and creating a customer ranking plan has attracted more attention in recent years. In this regard, this project tries on providing a methodology for customer segmentation depending on their value driver parameters which will be extracted from transaction data. The objectives of this project is to identify the High Value Customer Profile, using data mining techniques such as classification and clustering approaches. In the first phase, the data will beRead MoreBusiness Benefits : Swot Analysis And Pestle Analysis1275 Words   |  6 PagesBenefits, SWOT Analysis and PESTLE Analysis. - Mission Statement To guide persons to the right path in their relations with a high level of privacy and confidentiality. - Three Business Benefits - SWOT Analysis Strengths: 1. The long established brand name and the stability performance as a result of the experience gained during the years of work. 2. The use of high technology and experienced staff who are ready to meet the members needs. 3. Diversification of provided services (friendshipRead MoreThe Implementation Of A Risk Based Approach1379 Words   |  6 Pagesinformation concerning the risks. It is significant appropriate mechanisms to be developed by the governments so as to provide information to relevant competent authorities, financial institutions and organisations facilitating the risk assessment. In case the required information are not available due to inadequate data provided by authorities for the risk assessment, incapability to share sensitive and confidential information and restrictions imposed by censorship and protection provisions, seriousRead MoreCompetitive Environment And Maintaining Customer Relationships1321 Words   |  6 Pagesmaintaining customer relationships is a key to business success because customers are considered as important strategic resources of a business. However, all business markets contain many subgroups of customers that behave differently, that have different ambition s, and have different purchasing behaviours. Hence each subgroup must be treated differently in order to build strong customer relationships. To compete with rival businesses, it is vital for a business to know enough about their customers and toRead MoreCase Study : Bt Technologies ( Btt ) Essay1574 Words   |  7 PagesCase Summary BT Technologies (BTT) is an Indian-based company which produces high quality engineering products for several industries such as the automotive and aerospace sectors and the agricultural and construction equipment industries. These products are separated into four separate SBU’s (Strategic Business Units) – which is where BT Technologies’ main sources of income are derived from. These four SBU’s are: †¢ BT Hydraulics †¢ BT Metal †¢ BT Power †¢ BT Aerospace Aside from these high qualityRead MoreAnalysis Of Sanyasi Naidu Dadi, By Dr. Neil Clark Warren981 Words   |  4 PagesSanyasi Naidu Dadi (@03688834) BMBA eHarmony Case Assignment : Dt: 09-08-2015 Summary eHarmony, started by Dr. Neil Clark Warren and his son-in-law Greg Forgatch in 1998, But it was officially launched in August 2000. After six months Houston investment firm Fayez Sarofim Company was invested $ 3 million. It is one of the main online dating websites. eHarmony helps singles to find serious, long-term relationships. The online person website targeted â€Å"mirage-minded† individuals. The main differenceRead MoreCredit Card737 Words   |  3 PagesCase Study : How much do credit card companies know about you? 1. What competitive strategy are the credit card companies pursuing? How do information systems support that strategy? The competitive strategy that the credit card companies are pursuing is product differentiation and customer and supplier intimacy. Product differentiation – we make use of IS in order to create new product and services at the lower cost. According to the case, the credit card companies are making use of the data toRead MoreCase 1-3 Canyon Ranch1383 Words   |  6 PagesCase 1-3 Canyon Ranch Table of Contents 1. Summary of the problem 3 2. The technology that is used to analyze the case and the technology that was discussed in the case. 3 3. Summary of Available Information 3 4. Pre-Analysis of the study 4 5. The analysis section 4 6. Recommendations 7 References 8 Lessons learned from the case 9 Meeting minutes 9 Case 1-3 Canyon Ranch Summary of the problem In spite ofRead MoreWYNDHAM INTERNATIONAL: FOSTERING HIGH-TOUCH WITH HIGH-TECH1403 Words   |  6 Pages WYNDHAM INTERNATIONAL: FOSTERING HIGH-TOUCH WITH HIGH-TECH Summary The Harvard Business Review case study on Wyndham International discusses the inception of the hotel company, its initial exponential growth followed by a rapid decline in 1999 due to various external and internal factors. The organization restructuring and changes in management introduced several guest loyalty programs, ByRequest in particular, to allow Wyndham International to reestablish its brand. This paper discusses

Consumer Trust In Online  Social And Mobile Advertising Grows

Question: Discuss about the Consumer Trust In Online Social And Mobile Advertising Grows. Answer: Introduction Organisations as differed as Hyundai identified with automobiles, Roku-related with set-best gushing, HTC recognised with a smartphone, and Euro-Pro identified with vacuums have all profited from a move in the way numerous shoppers procedure and acquire data of the product. Previously, purchasers normally made relative examinations or passed by the adage, client get what they pay for. They were generally subject to data gave by producers through marketing. Today, on account of client produced audits and individuals' propensity to counsel online networking companions about buys, purchasers have different choices. The abundance of shared data and the uncommon accessibility of master feelings give them access to what's known as outright esteem a delicious, particular feeling of what it resembles to claim or utilize the products they're thinking about. Each advertiser knows about the ascent of different sources and online audits of distributed data, yet many disregard this market product s and pattern much as they did 10 years back. We trust that many organizations need to drastically move their marketing systems to represent the rising force applied on future clients by the sentiments of existing clients. Companies wrestle with new era of negative online reviews and spiky consumers Surveys, feelings and proposals are consoling when you explore the web searching for various invention, a place to eat or an occasion. The quick development of internet 1.9% applications engaged client impacted and communication how buyers trade and make data. We now have an enormous measure of client created content that offers administration and product encounters online through a large group of locales (Rosen and Simonson, 2014). These perspectives can be the critical driving force to click proceeding onward or on purchase, however these choices are progressively in light of insecure ground. A few scholarly reviews have built up the significance of client created content in emphatically impacting purchase product buy and learning choices. Online appraisals and audits do diminish instability for imminent buyers. What's more, individuals trust them. Marketing investigator Nielsen originate that online sentiments were important by more than 65% of customers. This is nothing unexpecte d then that the advertisers, dealers, business audit and notoriety of organization's administration suppliers are forcefully required in abusing the monetary advantages of this. For instance, study proposed that one star lodging rate increment on Travelocity produced over 10% expansion in room rates (O'Brien and Hosany, 2016). Accordingly, a few organizations are swinging to fake surveys to advance their notoriety or even to assault contenders. Truth be told, confirm proposes that false audits those who don't mirror the creator's bona fide conclusion are on the ascent. A typical type of this is utilizing astroturfing paid commentators to deliver a support which is fake to a product. Consumer trust in advertising on online, social and mobile grows The impact of customer created media and social networks over the span of the latest couple of years continue altogether influencing publicizing as buyers reliance on verbal trade in the fundamental administration get ready either from individuals they recognize or online clients they do not have extended primarily. regarding to Nielsens newest report, Global Belief in Advertising, that explored more than 27,990 online respondents in around 55 countries, and 90 % of clients around the globe say they belief earned media, for instance, proposition from family and allies, in particular unique sorts of publicizing a development of more than 17% since in 2007 reviews of Online purchaser are the second most confided in wellspring of brand advising and information, with more than 69% of overall purchasers diagramed online showing they place stock in messages on this stage, a development of more than 14 % in four years (Consumer Trust In Online Social And Mobile Advertising Grows, 2012). The review moreover exhibited that around 60% overall online buyers belief messages originate on association locales, and half belief messages through email that the customers joined to get. On the internet, near 39% defendants belief on upon advancements assisted close-by search engine comes to fruition, more than 35% trust online video advertisements, and 1/3 believe the messages in online flag advancements an extension of just about 27 % since in 2007. Bolstered advertisements on social networks, another plan joined into the back of 2011 study of Nielsen, are dependable among 35% of overall respondents (Anderson, 2014). Shoppers 'duped' by millions of fake online reviews Half of the populace utilize online survey sites, for example, Tripadvisor, Amazon, Checkatrade and Expedia however would you be able to trust all that you perused? Customers who utilize the web to research books, gadgets, inns and different buys are being deceived by a huge number of fake surveys coordinated by organizations to trap potential clients, the buyer guard dog cautions today as it starts a request (Hyde, 2015). The greater part of the grown-ups in Britain, around 24 million individuals, utilize online audit sites, for example, Checkatrade, Tripadvisor, Expedia, and Amazon to locate the best arrangements. Be that as it may, their impressions are mutilated by the development of a furtive market for fake audits, the Market Authority and Competition has found. It discovered a few organizations were infringing upon the law by composing complimenting presents about themselves on lift their rankings. Others were putting forth cash, free item tests or different prizes to individu als who compose positive surveys or give ratings with five-star. Comparison Fake reviews on online do not only deceive customers. Similarly, they break laws of consumer and efficiency of market which undermines. Present laws of protection of customer, rules and codes of organization pursue to control false reviews like a procedure of customer misrepresentation. The Opposition and Authority of Markets start an enquiry in the year 2015 that looked into posts which are fake on online review sites, endorsements and unauthorized fake reviews paid for through businesses without a suitable expressed and disclosure worries which few practices possibly unlawful. When it derives to old-style, professional media, while nearly1/2 of customers worldwide say they belief on magazine, newspaper ads and television ads, sureness declined by 23%, 19 % and 24 %, individually, between in the year of 2009 to 2011. Still, in the year of 2011, whole global ads devote maxim a 7% rise over in 2010, regarding to Nielsen's greatest current Global Ads View Pulse (Browning et al., 2013). This development in devote was focused through more than 9% increase in television advertising. This is significant to recognize the habit of consumer and attitudes to online website reviews. newest trends and statistics, that have been trodden into an information graphic, display that maximum of clients follow the online reviews and several of client believe the reviews much individual references. In another word, maximum client see the online website reviews as their before buying investigation part before purchasing a service or product. This is appalling which organizations are appealing in applies where the organization are tricking possible clients who just require a truthful review of their facilities. Review on online websites is a major publics' research part, whether book an inn or purchasing goods and people essential to be capable of believing them. Conclusion The new technology of game-changing and new sites of review can suddenly appear. For example, customers who utilise cell phone applications, for example, Shop Savvy to think about costs can limit the weight on their choices even on Black Friday. The possibility that another site or application can undermine years of cautious in forming might be profoundly baffling to advertisers however it is a reality they should confront. As the impact blend advances, the achievement will come to organisations that can nearly track the wellsprings of data their clients swing to and discover the mix of advertising channels and devices most appropriate to the ways those buyers decision. References Anderson, M. (2014). 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations.Search Engine Land. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Browning, Kevin, Victoria, So, Sparks and Beverley (2013). The Influence of Online Reviews on Consumers' Attributions of Service Quality and Control for Service Standards in Hotels.Griffith Research Online. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Consumer Trust In Online, Social And Mobile Advertising Grows (2012).Nielsen. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Hyde, D. (2015). Shoppers 'duped' by millions of fake online reviews.The Telegraph. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2017]. O'Brien, J. and Hosany, S. (2016). Companies wrestle with new era of negative online reviews and spiky consumers.The Conversation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Rosen, E. and Simonson, I. (2014). What Marketers Misunderstand About Online Reviews.Harvard Business Review. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2017].